Metabolic Resistance Training

metabolic resistance trainingResistance training, in my opinion, is the best way to burn fat and build lean muscle tissue.

And how might you go about that?

With Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) workouts.

MRT workouts are an excellent method for stripping off body fat in record time. BUT, they are not easy, they are actually tough a$% workouts and take all out effort AND intensity.

The main focus of metabolic resistance training is to maximize the use of your body fat as a fuel source during AND after your workout sessions.

This style of training incorporates bodyweight movements, kettlebell/dumbbell movements, sandbag movements, plyometric movements and/or any other type of resistance training into high intensity intervals of hard work and shorter rest periods.

I prefer total body movements – KB swings, KB 1 clean & jerk, Sandbag reverse lunge & twist, DB 1 arm/1 leg rows, Med ball wood chops, Med ball slams, DB/KB renegade rows, DB/KB squat to press, etc. – performed in a circuit (2-10 exercises) for a certain amount of time, followed by a timed rest interval.

Not only does this maximize your fat loss potential, but it will also have you spending LESS time in the gym. With MRT workouts your goal is to get the MOST work done in the LEAST amount of time.

Like I said, these high intensity intervals torch body fat AND are backed up by multiple studies over the last few years….

A 2008 study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning showed that high intensity, interval style training had greater fat loss results when compared to aerobic exercise or weight training individually.

And this has been supported by studies in The Journal of Medicine and Science Sport, The European Journal of Applied Physiology, The Journal of Sports Nutrition and The European Journal of Applied Physiology.

Metabolic Resistance Training has also showed (and backed up by research) to produce a phenomenon known as EPOC –

Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption.

What does that mean to you?

Increased fat burning up to 48 hours (in one research study) AFTER you finish working out, sometimes referred to as the “after burn”. Burning fat while you rest, now I like the sound of that. : )

So enough of the talk, lets get into one of my Metabolic Resistance Training workouts…

Movement Prep
Mobility drills:
a.) Sumo squat to stand – 15x
b.) Shoulder Mobility – 10x
c.) Alternating reverse lunge & reach – 8x on each leg

a.) Inverted rows – 20x
b.) Prisoner squats – 25x
c.) Push-ups – 20x

Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) Circuit #1:
Dumbbell/Kettlebell split press – 30 sec each side
DB/KB 1 arm row w/rotation – 30 sec each side
– Superset; Slow tempo
– Rest 1 minute between supersets
– 3x
– Rest 1-2 minutes then move to next MRT circuit

MRT Circuit #2:
DB/KB high pull
MB slams
DB/KB suitcase lunges
– 40 sec of work, 20 sec of rest then move to next exercise
– Fast tempo
– 2 consecutive sets
– Rest 1-2 minutes then move to next MRT circuit

MRT Circuit #3:
Jump rope – 4x
Inverted rows – 4x
Jump squats – 4x
Push-up variation – 4x
– 20 sec of work, 10 sec of rest for the prescribed # of sets, then move to next exercise

…That’s one of my favorite Metabolic Resistance Training workouts!

As for frequency, I would recommend this type of workout 2-3x per week.

FYI: Personally, I do this workout (or any of the multiple MRT workouts I’ve developed) two times per week. I supplement them with 2-3 power based yoga sessions (Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga) in a 90 degree room and also practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2 times per week. So tweak it to fit your schedule.

There is no one way to train. I apply the Bruce Lee philosophy of Jeet Kune Do – “The way is to have no way” – to my training. Train using one arm, one leg, train in multiple planes of movements, train explosively and train using multiple modalities. s

As for effort, more effort equals greater results. It’s that simple. : )

Go ahead and give this workout a shot and leave me a comment below on what you think or drop by my Facebook page with any questions or concerns.

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Till next time,
Train hard, train smart, train like an Athlete!

Ryan Miller
Wellness Coach
Licensed Trainer

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