Flexibility/Mobility WOD


To Revive

To Renew.

Is this just stretching? NO, through the use of foam rollers and various massage balls we will “smooth” and return your muscles to the proper length. Breaking up adhesions, scar tissue, stimulating blood flow and improving circulation to the soft tissue.


To Regain the Strength, Balance.

Dynamic band stretching maximizes muscle length by challenging you to contract against a resistance (the band) or by creating an accommodating force that takes muscles and related joint soft tissues further into a range of motion.

“To get better flexibility/mobility…You must go where you can’t, not where you can!!”


To Bring  Back to Original, Normal Condition.

Nourishing postures designed to restore and revitalize your body and mind.

Relieve the effects of daily stress and the stressors of your workout.

Simply, restorative…

Flexibility/Mobility WOD


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