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Skinny Buffalo Chicken Strip Recipe

Need an idea as to what you are going to eat for dinner today or tomorrow? No problem, here’s a simple & healthy recipe just for you. : ) FYI: This recipe may have to be adjusted according to how many people you are cooking for. Skinny Buffalo Chicken Strip Recipe Ingredients: 2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breast ½ cup cider vinegar ½ cup water 3 tbsp cayenne pepper Dried oregano Garlic powder Ground Cumin Chili Powder Directions: Cut the chicken into strips/medium sized pieces–I usually get about 4-5 small strips out of each piece. Place the chicken in a large ziplock bag, and add the vinegar, water, and cayenne pepper. Smush around so the cayenne distributes evenly in the liquid, then seal the bag, and place in the fridge for about 40 minutes. Preheat oven to 350F. Arrange the chicken pieces on a large baking sheet. Liberally sprinkle the remaining seasonings over the chicken pieces. Flip the pieces over, and sprinkle the other side with the seasonings. Bake for about 20 minutes or until done. …Enjoy! Any questions just hit me up with a comment below. Ryan... read more

The TRUTH About Potatoes

Many people think they need to avoid foods like white potatoes in order to burn off body fat. After all, they have a high glycemic index, which means they can spike insulin and potentially take your body out of a fat-burning environment. Additionally, they’re high in complex carbohydrates so people automatically assume they need to be avoided. This may be true for sedentary people. However, if you’re consistently using higher intensity exercise you should NOT be afraid of this all-natural starchy carb. Believe it or not, potatoes can actually be one of the best foods to eat to get lean muscle and a flat stomach, BUT only if you use them in a smart way. And potatoes are a MUCH healthier form of carbohydrates than wheat (bread, pasta, bagels, etc) because potatoes don’t contain inflammatory gluten and other anti-nutrients that wheat contains. Here are 3 fat-burning secrets you probably NEVER knew about potatoes. #1: They fuel Glycolysis. All natural white starches, like potatoes, contain the purest glucose molecules that fuel our “anaerobic” activity. So if you’re using intervals, intense weight training, or ANY type of high intensity metabolic circuits, potatoes can help fuel a VERY important process called glycolysis. This will fuel your body’s ability to more “efficiently” use other carbohydrates as energy and enhances the production of ATP (our bodies’ primary energy source). #2: They replenish glycogen and help reset our fat burning hormones If you constantly keep your carbs low, it will only take about 72 hours to drain glycogen levels (the energy stored inside your muscles and liver). This is a great short term approach for... read more

5 Reasons WHY You Get Fat…

Today I wanted to share with you 5 reasons why people continue to add unwanted fat to their bodies gain weight so that YOU don’t fall into any of these weight gaining traps. You can actually control all these factors so that you DON’T into any of these fat gaining traps. Here you go… 5. Stress Our natural defense against stressors is the Fight or Flight system. With increased stress levels, our bodies prepare for us to fight or run. When stress levels rise, cortisol is released in the blood stream, causing changes in the body. Cortisol helps release sugar, stored in the muscles and liver, into the blood stream for quick energy use. This hormone is responsible for accumulation of fat in the abdomen which is hard for the body to get rid of. Cortisol also suppresses the immune system making it harder to fight infections. Stress is always going to be there so you must learn to cope/deal with all the stress. And the #1 way I found to deal with all the stress…EXERCISE. The short, high intensity kind, NOT the long, slow, cardio kind. That type of exercise actually INCREASES the stress on your body. 4. Portion Size Have you ever super-sized your meal at a fast food chain? I am pretty sure most of us have. Portion control is a leading factor in fat gain. We tend to over eat foods that are high in unhealthy fats (trans fats, hydrogenated oils) and calories, and do it on a constant basis. Plus plates, bowls, cups, etc are getting bigger and bigger, so taking in extra calories... read more

3 Diet Tricks That Will Help You Avoid Temptation

Here’s 3 SIMPLE diet tricks to help you avoid temptation… Diet Trick #1 – Make Your Rules When you live by clear, written rules, you save yourself a lot of stress. For example, rules for July could be: 1.) No grains 2.) No dairy Just don’t buy and/or have them in your house. Simple Diet Trick #2 – Consider Your Cut-Offs Take a 12-hour overnight break from eating. That means if you wanted to eat breakfast at 7:30 am then you can’t eat past 7:30 pm. Using this simple “cut-off” time each night will take a lot of stress out of your diet and will help you control night eating, a habit that the a lot of people are notorious for struggling with. Adding a 12-hour cut-off to your fat loss meal plan and it will make your life a lot less stressful – and will probably help your digestive health, too. Diet Trick #3 – Out of Sight, Out of Mind Research shows that: 1. ) If it’s in your house, you’re going to eat it. 2. ) If it’s in your house and you can see it, you’re going to eat it sooner. 3. ) If it’s in your house and you can see it, and it’s in arm’s reach, you’re going to eat every last bit of it … and probably right now! If you can’t control your urges for a certain food, keep it out of your house and avoid going into restaurants where it is sold. If you must have it in your house for the sake of others, then put it in solid-colored... read more

Lost 20 lbs and 3 sizes in my waist!

I’ve been using your workouts and nutrition guidelines for 2 months, it’s helped me lose 20 lbs and drop 3 sizes in my waist. The exercise demonstrations are great and very easy to follow. HUGE thank you Ryan and keep the coaching coming!

Steve R. -- Professional Cincinnati, OH

I love this program!
Hi Ryan – This online training is great! I love your workouts – wish I lived in OH to train with you personally but this is the next best thing – You Rock! I also wanted to tell you that the exercise demos are pretty cool…animated versions of you! Thanks again

—Kelly W. -- Stay at home mom Pittsburgh, PA

Hey Ryan, I have been on your program for about 4-5 solid weeks. In that time I have dropped almost 15 pounds! I cannot believe the results and it doesn’t take up too much of my time. I used to workout 5 days minimum for over an hour each time and I felt rundown. Plus, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted

Mark S. -- Construction Worker from Panama City, FL

Just wanted to give unsolicited feedback. The way we are training right now…I love! I have seen more results with this than I ever have. Thank you!! Just thought I’d share. Have a great day and I’ll see you in the morning.

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