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4 Foods That Naturally Purge Toxins From Your Blood

Toxins and chemical exposure is growing fast, and can be found everywhere, even inside your body at the very moment… …And it makes it nearly impossible to lose fat. *Plastics * Cookware * Obesity Additives * Toxic Water * Prescription Drugs * Processed Foods And the list goes on and on. These dangerous compounds and more like insecticides, PCB’s, heavy metals, benzene, dioxin, phthalates, pesticides, DDT metabolites, flame retardants, styrene, xylene and dichlorobenzene…all have been routinely found in the stool, urine and blood of average people all around the globe. It’s ALL inside your body right now and it’s harming your cells, causing severe inflammation, clogging up your liver, stopping your body from getting rid of unwanted belly fat – and it’s aging your body at an accelerated rate. Fortunately, there are few simple “tweaks” you can make to your diet, starting today, that can help your body eliminate this toxic burden and get your fat loss moving again, while helping you look and feel younger. All you have to do is add the 4 foods below into your nutrition plan and you can put an END to the chemical burden that’s inside your body at this very moment. These 4 foods will help you purify your body of chemical build-up, reduce chronic inflammation, cleanse your liver of fat storing toxins and flush away your “trapped” fat. FOOD #1: Turmeric (clean your fat burning filter) Turmeric is now being touted in the innovative medical community as the “fountain of youth” super spice. Used predominantly in Indian cuisine, the root of this spice is used for dozens of health benefits,... read more

Fat Loss…

Today I wanted to give you some more insight on why I train myself & my clients the way I do and why I recommend the eating changes & tips that I do. So let’s talk about fat loss… Fat loss isn’t complicated — the methods behind fat loss can be — instead of focusing on ‘which’ method is the most important or most reliable, think about your health logically. Weight loss (or gain) is all about peaks and valleys, and there’s a physiological reason for this: Homeostasis. Homeostasis is a fancy term for describing when your body is efficient, or in a state of equilibrium. When your body reaches a new weight and stays there for a little while, it becomes incredibly good at protecting this ‘zone’ of weight. The reason being that every fluctuation in your body results in a multi-system approach to adapt to new demands — your heart requires a different strength per beat to get blood to your toes and fingers, your lung capacity changes depending upon the size of your belly, and your digestive tract gets re-positioned slightly depending upon the distribution of fat on your body. When your body finally adapts to its new position and its new demands, it gets very efficient — the goal of your body is to use the least amount of energy for any given process — this way, you never run out of energy and end up passing out. This state of ‘body balance’ is referred to as ‘homeostasis’ and is well understood in all scientific research to be how our bodies work. Naturally, we need... read more

Carbs…Yes or No?

Since we have answered all the protein questions and all the misconceptions regarding fats, let’s move on to carbs… Carbohydrates: “Not all carbs are created equal” The main fuel of the brain and central nervous system is glucose, which is MOST easily obtained from NATURALLY occurring carbohydrates (vegetables, whole fruits). Lets take a look at what happens when carbohydrates (especially processed carbs) are digested… Carbohydrates are digested quickly and are all ultimately converted to the blood sugar, glucose. This means that within a very short time after a carb-rich “healthy” meal the level of glucose in your bloodstream will rise rapidly. High blood glucose levels are dangerous and as a response, your pancreas rapidly produces a large amount of insulin (the “storage hormone”) to take the excess glucose out of the bloodstream. This is an important point as insulin is the hormone ultimately responsible for body fat storage. Insulin takes the glucose out of the bloodstream. It is converted first into a form of starch called glycogen which is stored in the liver and in muscles. But as the body can store only a limited amount glycogen in this way, all other glucose is stored as body fat. But wait, there’s more! When your blood glucose level is back to normal, the insulin level is still at its maximum and continuing to store glucose in your fat cells. As a result, the levels of glucose in your blood fall below normal and you soon feel hungry again. So you have a snack, usually of more processed carbs, and the whole process starts over again. It’s a vicious cycle. You’re... read more

Breakfast Salad Recipe

Would you like a little help with what you are going to eat for breakfast today or tomorrow? Well, I found a recipe just for you. : ) So here you go… FYI: This recipe may have to be adjusted according to how many people you are cooking for. Breakfast Salad Recipe Ingredients: 2 cups of mixed greens 1 green onion, sliced 4 cherry or pear tomatoes, chopped ½ bell pepper, diced 1 large egg Prosciutto or bacon to taste 2 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil 1 tsp. balsamic vinegar 1 tbsp. fresh lemon juice Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste Directions: In a small saucepan placed over a medium-high heat, bring water to a gentle simmer. Break the egg into the water, turn off the heat, and cook for about 4 minutes. In a small bowl, combine the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, and salt and pepper to taste. Mix the greens, bell pepper, tomatoes, and prosciutto or bacon in a serving bowl. Add the olive and oil balsamic vinegar to the salad. Add the poached egg on top of the salad and serve. …Now you have NO excuses. Get busy working on that breakfast plan ASAP. Committed to YOUR fat loss success,... read more

Lost 20 lbs and 3 sizes in my waist!

I’ve been using your workouts and nutrition guidelines for 2 months, it’s helped me lose 20 lbs and drop 3 sizes in my waist. The exercise demonstrations are great and very easy to follow. HUGE thank you Ryan and keep the coaching coming!

Steve R. -- Professional Cincinnati, OH

I love this program!
Hi Ryan – This online training is great! I love your workouts – wish I lived in OH to train with you personally but this is the next best thing – You Rock! I also wanted to tell you that the exercise demos are pretty cool…animated versions of you! Thanks again

—Kelly W. -- Stay at home mom Pittsburgh, PA

Hey Ryan, I have been on your program for about 4-5 solid weeks. In that time I have dropped almost 15 pounds! I cannot believe the results and it doesn’t take up too much of my time. I used to workout 5 days minimum for over an hour each time and I felt rundown. Plus, I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted

Mark S. -- Construction Worker from Panama City, FL

Just wanted to give unsolicited feedback. The way we are training right now…I love! I have seen more results with this than I ever have. Thank you!! Just thought I’d share. Have a great day and I’ll see you in the morning.

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