5 Quick Tips For Killing Your Holiday Stress

I recently came across a report that was a bit surprising…

This report, from the American Psychological Association, showed that some people experience an increased amount of stress from the holiday season.

To me this is surprising because you’d think that during such a time of celebration, family, and vacation that the holiday season would bring about LESS stress.

However, for some people, it has shown to be the opposite… some of you may experience more stress.

Because as you may already know, stress is not only bad for your health, it can be a big damper on your happiness, something we all should aim for more of.

There are many factors that can lead to more stress if not dealt with properly:

– Expectations you have for yourself or from other family members
– Big Holiday (and sometimes unfriendly) Crowds in the shopping malls
– Travel in and of itself
– AND Having to spend time with people who you’d rather avoid

(yes,sometimes even family members may be best avoided if they don’t bring happiness into your life)

And because of these situations, you may find yourself sleep deprived, anxious, and wanting a break from it all!

Other symptoms of being stressed out can be:

– feeling tired all the time
– dizziness and headaches
– and EVEN Depression

So, here are 5 simple ways to keep yourself stress free this holiday season:

1.) Put Yourself In A Relaxed State

Listen to some relaxing music.

Now I normally would say take up to an hour out of your day and dedicate it to you and only you. This could be exercise, reading, meditation, whatever.

However, if you’re feeling extra stress, double that – yes up to 2 hours!

For “decompressing” after a long day of work consider taking a warm bath, infused with therapeutic bath salts, and just unwind in the tub.

Go for a walk.

The point is to choose something that helps you relax your mind.

2.) Manage Your Time To Have More “You Time”

And as an extension of the first tip, this second one is important for allowing you to have that “You Time”.

If you can, make sure you prioritize your day so that you don’t skip your “you time” … This is sacred time that should be prioritized.

15 minutes is all you can manage?


Even if it’s just 15 minutes to do some deep breathing exercises, it could mean the difference between mental overload and more smiles throughout your day.

3.) Be Easy On Yourself

With a hundred and one things to do before Christmas time, it may be hard not to push yourself to get EVERYTHING done AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

However it’s important not to over-commit yourself. Know when to just say ‘no’ to certain things (especially if they don’t make you happy).

4.) Keep Exercising

Just because it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you should stop your exercise routine.

If you have a routine, keep with it.

Exercise has been shown to be one of the most effective ways of quickly getting rid of stress and putting yourself in a great mood by releasing calming and positive endorphins into your brain.

5.) Just Have Fun

Focus on having fun. Whether you have hobbies that excite you or it’s being around your family and friends that brings you joy.

Focus on those happy moments and do more of them.

Remember – everything doesn’t HAVE to be perfect. Make the most of any situation by looking at the positive side of things.

Focus on happiness and you’ll notice that stress doesn’t have to take a prominent role in your life.

…That’s it, off to work on these 5 myself!

Committed to YOUR success,


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