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What Is The Training Like An Athlete Program?

The Training Like an Athlete Program is a complete Wellness program incorporating Metabolic workouts that revolve around Movements NOT individual muscles. Through Bodyweight, Kettlebell, Sandbag, Dumbbell, Medicine Ball, Resistance Band, Stability Ball and Battle Rope movements, I created the  Hybrid Training Formula.

With this style of training you’ll increase your dynamic flexibility/mobility, burn fat, build lean muscle tissue, increase strength in 360 degrees, increase core strength AND increase your endurance (Anaerobic/Aerobic capacities) WITHOUT spending hours & hours in the gym. In fact, with my Hybrid Training Formula you’ll actually workout less to get amazing results, GUARANTEED!

On top of all that, we’ll get into your eating habits as well. NO fad diets, NO “magic pills”, NO meals or shakes made in a lab, NO processed foods! Myself and my clients eat REAL food, foods with ONE ingredient.



Steve Dropped Over 70 Lbs!

Vince Lost Nearly 100 Lbs!

Kate Lost Over 70 Lbs!

Becky Dropped Over 50 Lbs!

Try My Metabolic Workouts! Get 3 Free Days!

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Training Like an Athlete!


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